This mobile gamification project investigates two learning trends separately - mobile learning & gamification - and discusses the potential of using the two trends together in a workplace setting.


Considerations of mobile gamification include the following topics:

  • pros & cons of each trend separately

  • adoption of each trend separately

  • mLevel's success story as a top mobile gamification company

  • mobile gamification's potential impact 


How to play

Gamification is defined as "the use of game design elements in non-game contexts"(Deterding, Dixon, Khaled & Nacke, 2011, p.9).

Mobile learning is the combination of learning that is both formal and informal, context aware, and delivered and supported by multiple handheld devices (Gikas, 2013). This learning strategy is intentional but unstructured and requires further explanation. 

A case study from mLevel training design consulting is outlined. The company, D4, worked with mLevel to produce a mobile training training with gamified missions to improve sales force skills and track performance and needs.

We predict mobile learning and gamification will continue to grow and make an impact on the e-Learning industry. 


Mobile Learning




Graphic pulling together mobile learning and gamification into a mobile gamification idea.